Unlimited Wash Pricing


$21.95 per month


$17.95 per month


$15.95 per month

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Naples Car & Truck Wash has many ways to make washing your car or truck easy.  

You can choose to purchase a Pre -paid Wash Card and load credits to your card.

(Click the link below to purchase your wash card.)

Choose from one of our UNLIMITED Wash Passes. Where you pay a small monthly fee and you can wash your vehicle as many times as you would like each month.

PLUS we now have a pay by phone option in each of our wash bays. 

Fleet or Commercial accounts made simple. If your company has more than one vehicle and would like to set up a fleet account, we have made it easy and convenient to track your cards and view the activity on your monthly statement.

Its Quick, Its Easy at Naples Car & Truck Wash

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